Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blog 13: "How to Do One Thing at a Time"

In her article "How to Do One Thing at a Time", Nancy Jones suggests that multitasking is not as efficient as we think, because the human brain works better when executing one task at a time instead of multiple tasks at the same time. Jones uses the results of an experiment on university students and the opinion from experts to support her claim.

I totally agree with the point that makes Nancy Jones, it is a proven fact, when we try to do so many things simultaneously we end up doig a poor job at everything. I could compare this to some electronic devices that are currently on the market, the I-Phone for example, what do I get with a phone that has internet, takes pictures, records video, has GPS etc, if it is not good for making phone calls, which is supposed to be the feature that it was created for?. I believe our brain functions in a way similar to that of a computer, on windows there is a program called task manager where you can monitor all the activities taking place in the computer, in that program we can clearly see how the less tasks, the faster and more efficient the computer gets.

As professor Clifford Nass says, "A tremendous amount of evidence shows that the brain does better when it's performing tasks in sequence rather than all at once", this means that if we really want to do things well done, we should focus on one thing at a time to obtain better results, and not do a million things at the same time and be mediocre at all of them.

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