Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blog 9: Summary of The Meatrix.


The Meatrix is an animated parody that takes elements from the film the Matrix to tell us what is behind of massively produced animal products like eggs, milk and meat. The animals in the factory farms where these goods are produced, live under horrible conditions, are given drugs to enhance their productivity and to keep them from getting diseases, and some are mutilated to prevent them from attacking each other. This model of massive production also generates social problems like extensive contamination and devastation of the communities that live near this factories.


Revolting continues telling us the practices used by the factory farms to increase their profit and expands on the conditions that the animals live. They give cows excessive amounts of  antibiotics and artificial growth hormones so that they produce more milk and meat, and as soon as they are born, they separate calves from their mothers and instead of milk they feed them with a substance that among other ingredients, contains cow blood. This cannibalistic practice could spread mad cow disease. At the end of this part Mr Ham-derson tells us that we could help stop these dairy factories by supporting the few small family farms that still remain.


In "The Meatrix II 1/2" we see an emphasis on the dangerous conditions in the meat packing factories.  Because of the industry's demand for speed, workers are forced to often work faster, which in turn causes many of them to have accidents. Aside from being in danger because of the machinery, the workers often are too busy to prevent manure from contaminating the meat. Consuming contaminated meat can cause many deiseases such as E-coli.

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